Engaging Exercises for Your Teams and Groups
Are you a coach, trainer or leader looking for some fun, impactful exercises to use in your next training program, meeting or coaching session? The Engaging Exercises manual includes over 25 exercises to use as a warm up, closure or energizer throughout a team or group process.
Download the Table of Contents here.
The manual is delivered as 6 PDF Files so you can conveniently file this away electronically. Originally published by Effective Group Coaching author and coach Jennifer Britton in 2005, it includes many of Jennifer's favorite tried and tested exercises.
Sections include:
Introduction - Why Exercises are Important, Boosting Learning Rates, Group Formation
Icebreakers - Exercises to Get Groups Moving and Knowing Each Other
Energizers and Exercises Which Can Be Used at Any Time
Activities For Closure
Resources - 19 pages of checklists, templates and resource lists to support you in your group and team programming
The cost for the 75 manual (E-Copy) is $35 US or $35 Canadian (plus HST).
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