Group and Team Coaching Intensive

During 2018 you can access the contents of this program through:
The virtual offerings of the Group Coaching Essentials and Advanced Group and Team Coaching Practicum.

Join Author of Effective Group Coaching, and From One to Many: Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching, Jennifer Britton, for a two day, in person hands-on group coaching training program, the Group and Team Coaching Intensive. This two day intensive program is a hands-on program for coaches wishing to learn about the practicalities of group and team coaching, while building and practicing their skills in the modality. The program has been approved in the past for 19 hours of Continuing Coach Education (17 Core Competencies, 2 hr. Resource Development) with the International Coach Federation.  You are also invited to visit our dedicated Group and Team Coaching Intensive website here.

This program fuses the essentials, foundations and principles of two of the quickest growing areas of the coaching profession - group and team coaching - with the opportunity for you to practice group and team coaching coaching skills. This is an intensive, interactive hands-on program focusing on practice of group and team coaching skills, as well as providing you with tools, best practices and approaches you will be able to apply directly to your own group coaching work. Spaces at the Intensive are limited to 10, keeping in the range of what is considered group coaching by the ICF. Most intensives involve 4-8 coaches.

Starting November 2014 we are piloting a virtual option so that you join us virtually for the two days through a combination of Zoom. It's not a passive streaming opportunity but an active participant role, just not in the room!

Here's how past participants have described the program:

"A must for coaches who want to bring their coaching skills to another level!" – Mylene Beauchamp

"A time for you to focus on group coaching and building your business. A rare treat and strategic business move to participate in person with other great coaches and Jennifer’s excellent facilitation." – Kathleen Clark, PCC

"Expand and enhances your work/skills even if you aren’t going to build a group coaching business" – Dr. Jean Davidson

"Specific tools and techniques combined with flexibility and expertise in eliciting participation made the time meaningful" - KH

This program is geared for coaches who are keen to learn more about, and practice, the techniques, theory, skills and practice of group and team coaching. It will be of interest to both new and experienced coaches.
The program is led by Jennifer Britton, PCC, a pioneer in the area of group coaching, author of Effective Group Coaching, and the host of the Group Coaching Ins and Outs blog. Jennifer brings 20-plus years experience as a group facilitator and has designed and delivered group coaching programs since 2004 to clients virtually (by phone) and in person. Since 2006, over 300 coaches, from 10 countries, have completed the Group Coaching Essentials program, and ICF Approved CCE program. These coaches are now facilitating their own group coaching programs with clients in the corporate realm and with thee public.

This is an experiential, hands-on program, designed for coaches to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of what group and team coaching is,
    how it differs from 1-1 coaching, workshops and retreats
  • Acquire tools, techniques and templates so you can successfully design, implement and market you own group and team coaching programs
  • Practice, experiment and receive feedback on you own group and team coaching skills
  • Explore how your current coaching skills can be adapted
    for the group and team coaching context
  • Expand you coaching toolkit and resources in the area of group and team coaching
  • Acquire and practice group and team coaching approaches

Topics we cover during the program include:

  • What Group and Team Coaching Is, How it Can Be Delivered (in person/by phone), Best Practices;
  • Differences between group coaching and team coaching, differences and similarities with individual coaching;
  • The Continuum of Small Group Processes;
  • Fundamental Principles of working with groups and teams - group dynamics, adult education principles and experiential education;
  • Competencies for Group and Team Coaching including Core Skills and Best Practices;
  • Tricky Issues in Group and Team  Coaching - How to avoid them, and how to handle them when they happen
  • Tips for Designing and Running Your Own Group and Team Coaching Programs (for pubic or corporate groups)
  • Virtual Facilitation Basics - What do do, what to avoid and how to facilitate engagement with phone, web and other virtual programs
  • Marketing and Positioning Your Group and Team Coaching programs
  • Corporate group and team coaching considerations
  • Exercises/Tools for Group and Team Coaching (which you will experience and be able to facilitate yourself!)
  • Group and Team Coaching Skill Practice and Feedback

A significant focus of the two day program is on practice and feedback opportunities. Each coach is asked to bring a 20 minute group coaching process/exercise which they will run with the group.

The two-day Group Coaching Essentials Intensive program includes:

  • A copy of Jennifer's book Effective Group Coaching (Wiley, 2010)
  • The Group Coaching Intensive Participants Manual (85 + pages of content, templates, worksheets and resource lists)
  • An individual pre-program call with Jenn
  • A group follow up call one month after the Intensive to check in on your progress and successes.
  • 15 hours of training in the area of group coaching (approved for 19 CCEs with the ICF)
  • Invitations to community calls for alumni of the Group Coaching Essentials program
For more information, download a 2 page brochure about the program here. Program size is capped at 10-12 coaches to ensure a small group environment and ample time for practice and feedback on your skills. Typical group size is in the range of 4 - 10 coaches.

Here's what other past participants have said about the program:
"If you want to create, synergize and learn (about group coaching) then this is for you!" - Ryan DaCosta
"Hands-on, practical, good practice sessions and opportunities to interact with peer coaches" - Margaret Imai-Compton
"This is the "real" thing on group coaching" - Elaine Bradshaw
"A must for a group coach building a practice/business" - Ellen Nyland, CPCC
"Informative, Action Oriented and Professional"

We are also happy to deliver a 2018 training in your location for 5-10 coaches if you are able to bring a group together.

Toronto based programs are typically held at a downtown hotel. Contact us to learn more about special room rates which may have been negotiated with the host hotel.

Questions or want to register offline? Please contact Jennifer Britton directly at (416) 966-8326 or email us at

Here's what coaches have said about the Group Coaching Essentials program:

"I have been leading group coaching programs for more than three years now. Jennifer Britton’s Group Coaching Essentials program provided me with the knowledge, insights and tools to take my programs to an even higher level!I highly recommend this program to every coach has or wants to add group coaching as part of their offerings.

Ann Farrell, CPCC, PCC, Quantum Endeavors®, Inc.,;

"Group Coaching Essentials is a wonderful laboratory for learning key concepts about adult learning, instructional design, group dynamics and more. Jennifer Britton's wonderfully organic facilitation style allows each session to be a flowing, dynamic group conversation that is rich in learning and personal insights! I recommend this program for anyone who wants to gain confidence, knowledge and resources in preparation for launching their own group coaching program"

"Jennifer’s Group Coaching Essentials’ program was a marvelous opportunity to increase my knowledge, skills and confidence in creating and doing group coaching workshops. Jennifer did a great job of modeling great facilitation skills which enhanced the learning immensely”

-Chris Pallotti, Strategic Life Plans

"Jennifer – I have derived tremendous value from your program. It has helped me tremendously and provided guidance for creating and facilitating impactful and engaging group sessions. My current group (6 executives from the financial industry) is approaching our 5th session (out of 6 that they originally signed up for), but they shared with me last week that they are deriving so much value that most likely they will extend the engagement to continue the momentum. Thanks to your Essentials program I feel I now have the confidence, tools and techniques to expand and market additional group programs.” - Michelle Brown, CEC, IntuAction Coaching

To register, please contact Jennifer directly at 416.996.8326 or by email at, or use the PayPal link above.

Payment options include: Visa (By Phone), Business Cheque/Check and PayPal

Want to bring this high impact coaching program to your group/association/community? Jennifer will deliver a customized program to your group (Minimum 10 participants). Email her with further details and set up a time to talk?

Questions or want to register offline?
Please contact Jennifer Britton directly at (416) 996-8326 (TEAM) or by email at

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