The Group Program Toolkit

Looking to create, market and launch your own group program in the near future? Whether you are an independent trainer, coach or business owner, this e-book will provide you with 33 time-saving, valuable tools and templates. Rather than reinventing the wheel, benefit from Jennifer's experience in creating, marketing and running very successful teleseminars, retreats and group coaching programs. Jennifer is also the author of Effective Group Coaching (Wiley, 2010) and has led dozens of train the trainer programs for trainers, coaches and other facilitators.

The Group Program Toolkit provides you with some key tools and templates to support you in creating and launching your own group programs (workshops, retreats, webinars, teleclasses or group coaching).

The resource is divided into five sections:

Section 1 – Program Development

Section 2 – Systems for Your Group Programs

Section 3 – Program Resources

Section 4 – Marketing Your Group Program

Section 5 – Recommended Resources for Follow up

You can download the Table of Contents and Welcome here.

Purchase price: $39 US (updated 2012 version)

The resource is delivered as 6 PDF files, and 4 Word files (so you can adapt the materials for your own programs). These are now available for digital download at our Potentials website. Click here to order your digital copy right now for $39 US.

In addition to the 50 plus pages of content, you can access more than 6 hours of audio content about facilitating group programs (workshops, retreats, group coaching, teleclasses, webinars). Click here (and use code 2211).

 Questions? Please contact Jennifer directly by phone at (416)996-TEAM (8326) or by email.