Mentor Coaching Group (For ACC Renewals, Portfolio Routes and those wanting to focus on Coaching Skills)

January 2019 - April 2019: Fridays 9-10 am ET 2nd and 4th weeks of the month: January 11, 25, February 8 and 22, March 8 and 22, April 12, 2019
Other Groups will start February (running to May) and end of March (running to end of June 2019)

"Jennifer is a coach’s coach. I hired her to fulfill the mentor coaching requirement for renewing my ICF credential and came away with much more." - Shirin Khamisa, Coach and HeartMath Provider,

"Done as Jennifer does it, I would only ever recommend Mentor Coaching in a group setting (barring the 3 hours of individual hours required). It opened me to considering new ways of providing coach work in the world. Jennifer's way of working with the group modeled best practice for group coaching and facilitation. She is a professional through and through, showing up authentically with felt presence. She provided a space that allowed for the experience to be effective, compassionate and inspirational" - Kathy Igoe, ACC
, 2011 President of Professional Coaches Association of Michigan

The International Coach Federation (ICF) requires 10 hours of work with a mentor coach for ACCs renewing their credential, or new ACC or PCC applicants undertaking the portfolio route. We recommend you refer to the ICF website to determine what mentor coaching needs you will require based on your own coach training. This program meets the needs of those requiring 10 hours of mentor coaching towards the ACC and PCC levels.

Since 2006, coach Jennifer Britton, well known for her work in the area of group coaching, has been offering mentor coaching individually to ACC and PCC applicants. As author of Effective Group Coaching, she brings her mastery of group facilitation, and her deep understanding of the core coaching competencies, into the mentor coaching arena. Jennifer herself has also completed over 4000 hours of coaching with corporate, team, group and individual clients.

We are pleased to offer the Mentor Coaching Group. The Mentor Coaching group meets the requirements of 10 hours of mentor coaching by the ICF for ACCs renewing their credential, as well as those working towards their ACC and PCC Portfolio routes. These 10 hours are spread over a 3 month period.

Benefit from sharing and learning in a small peer group, while focusing and refining your coaching skills in the 11 core competency areas. Also benefit from a lower price than working with a mentor coach individually.

The Mentor Coaching Group with Jennifer includes:
  • 7 x 1 hours of group mentoring calls;
  • 3 hours of 1-1 mentor coaching calls (one call each month);
  • Session module notes which explore each competency at a deeper level, a coaching tool/template related to that core competency, along with a related resources.
Group size is limited to 4-6 coaches to ensure individualized attention.

Benefit from the synergy and collaborative learning which happens in a group environment, while still getting 1-1 coaching to meet your mentor coach requirements.

The program includes:
  • A look at each of the 11 Core Coaching Competencies (ICF)
  • Self Assessments of the competencies;
  • Identification of your strengths, and blind spots as a coach;
  • Specific action steps to hone and refine your core coaching competencies;
  • Written and verbal feedback on the coaching skills you have demonstrated;
  • Practical, and tested tools and templates for coaching and business building which accompany the 7 group mentoring modules;
  • 7 hours of group mentor coaching;
  • 3 hours of mentor coaching individually with Jennifer (taken monthly in one hour mentor coaching sessions);
  • A pre-program 1-1 call (15 minutes) to discuss your focus for the program, and learning needs
  • A letter of support, based on your successful demonstration of the 11 core competencies, and completion of the 10 hours of the mentor coaching group program.

Here's what past participants have said about the program:

"Jenn is a top-notch mentor and facilitator. She has designed a comprehensive yet time-efficient program to help coaches assess their skills and focus on how to improve. Her direct manner and no-nonsense approach affirm and encourage each participant to learn as much as they can from her, from each other, and from the program." - Lee Weisser, ACC

"An excellent programme, supporting me to develop my confidence and capability as a coach.Jennifer is a brilliant facilitator and very generous coach, sharing her comprehensive knowledge and expertise.The opportunity to work with other coaches in the group calls and practicums was particularly empowering and affirming.I loved it.I feel I’ve really grown as a coach.” - Lorna Shaw,

"After having doubted whether or not to take the Mentor Coaching program from Potentials Realized, boy, am I happy I did! As a full-time professional business coach, I found that I had been slowly leaning into the consulting aspects of my "blended coaching” practice and letting some of my most powerful tools get somewhat rusty. The Mentor Coaching program is an exemplar of professionalism and know-how: The program is excellently organized, Jennifer’s comments, worksheets and time-and-content management are top of the line, and her coaching and facilitation skills really shine. I have gained new knowledge, and regained use of some forgotten skills, and have greatly benefited from the program." - Coach Juan Antonio Martinez, Spain

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Cost: $1100 US or $1100 Canadian (plus HST)

Payable as one installment of $1100, 2 installments of $550, 3 monthly installments of $366, 366 and 367. (plus HST for CDN dollar payments)
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Contact Jennifer directly at (416)996-8326, by email at or Click here for more information about our 1-1 mentor coaching, to learn more about Jennifer or to see what coaches who have been mentored by Jennifer for ICF Credentialing have said.

You may also want to read Jennifer's article "Mentor Coaching: Developing Your Muscle and Refining Your Craft" in the October 2012 Choice Magazine (Volume 10, Number 3, pp. 31-32). Click here to download a copy of the article.

You can also learn more about the ICF Credentialing requirements by visiting their site here.

Even more comments about the Mentor Coaching Group:

" I gained much more than expected from the Mentor Coaching group program. In addition to bringing greater significance and integrated meaning to the ICF competencies that will clearly support my goal of achieving ICF certification, the individual and group practice and feedback gave me huge self-appreciation of where I am and what I do and how I do it! My belief in myself has grown exponentially! Thank you to Jennifer and my group"