One on One Mentoring VIP Day With Jennifer Britton

What if you could spend one full day working one-on-one with Group Coaching  thought leader and author Jennifer Britton, learning, brainstorming and creating? What would it do for your programs, work and business?

One on One Mentoring VIP days are geared for those who:

  •  Want content and knowledge quickly in a compressed amount of time
  •  To take a deep, intensive dive into some individual mentoring and coaching
  • Are committed to making things happen NOW in their business
  • Want to complete one-on-one work with coach and Author Jennifer Britton

I enjoy the deep dive these individual mentoring days with coaches, trainers and other facilitators create, geared for your learning and business development. Our work is either held virtually, or you can join me in beautiful Muskoka during summer months, or Toronto during the rest of the eyar.

Given the focus in my own work, I offer three separate Individual Mentoring Days, which will appeal to different audiences:

VIP Day Offering #1 -  Creating Powerful Group Programs

VIP Day Offering #2 - Designing Powerful Virtual Programs

VIP Day Offering #3 - Building YOUR Coaching Business

More information about these three programs follow. Winter  Individual Mentoring Days take place  virtually. During the summer months you can join me in beautiful Muskoka, CANADA between early July and mid-August. Email me to find out what dates are available.

2017 Fall Dates- Toronto (Join me Virtually or In person just north of Toronto!)
Thursday October 26
Thursday November 9
Wednesday November 15
Thursday November 23rd (for those not celebrating Thanksgiving)
Monday November 27
Wednesday December 20
Thursday December 21

VIP Day Offering #1 - Creating Powerful Group programs (Workshop, Retreat, Group Coaching, Team Coaching)

This day is geared for coaches, trainers and facilitators who want to focus on their own group and team programs. You may be planning for a workshop, retreat, teleclass, group or team coaching program, and want to take a deep-dive in a focused timeline. The focus of the day is a combination of mentoring, learning and action. Different parts of the day will include:

  • Learning new skills
  •  Designing your own program
  •  Creating a strategy to move your group program forward in the short, medium and long term
  •  Development of an Action Plan

Focus areas typically include:

  • The foundations of group programs 
  • Systems to support you in your group work
  • Designing Powerful Programs - Core Elements and  Best Practices
  • Activities to support you in the design and implementation of your group program
  • Identifying learner/participant/coachee needs
  • Resources, Tools and Activities to engage your groups
  • Developing a marketing strategy and pricing your group services
  • Evaluating your program

 Again, the focus of the day will be customized to your needs and level of experience with group programs. The pre-work you complete will identify up to three areas you want us to take a deep dive around during our conversations.

It is expected that people will leave the VIP day with lots of new knowledge, including  a sketch of what their program will look like, ideas for activities and resources they will use, a customized strategy for marketing, and a detailed action plan.

VIP Day Offering #2:  Designing Powerful Virtual Programs (webinars, teleseminas)

This program is geared for coaches who want to learn more and start to experiment with their own virtual group programs. During the course of the day together we will focus on:

  • The foundations of virtual learning for adults
  • Identifying the different virtual program options
  • Getting clear on who the program is for and what content you and and still need
  • Starting to design your virtual program offering (webinar, teleclass)
  • Systems for virtual programs
  • Developing an initial marketing strategy for your program
  • Strategies for creating engaging approaches in the virtual environment

You also have the option on focusing on some of the other areas for your group programs. These could include:

- Setting up your logistical systems - bridgelines, web based services

- Content needs around related topics such as evaluation, group development

Again, the learning and focus of the day is customized to your needs. The pre-work you complete will identify up to three areas you want us to take a deep dive around during our conversations. We will follow up the day with two individual coaching calls, typically scheduled 2-4 weeks after the event. You'll also benefit by a pre- VIP day call with me.

VIP Day Offering #3 - Building YOUR Coaching Business

As a coach who has had thousands of hours of experience with team, group and individual coaching clients, and as a successful entrepreneur, the Building Your Coaching Business VIP Day is all about growing your coaching business or taking it to the next level.

During our one day together I will support you to:

  • Create or refine your business vision
  • Identify the core elements and "Coaching Extras" in your business
  • Identify your strengths as a coach and business owner
  • Identify strategic relationships and knowledge needed for that next business step
  • Explore your own Everything DiSC(R)  sales style (what is your natural style of selling? How does this match what your clients want)
  • Develop systems to your coaching business so you run your business, and it doesn't run you!

I will be sharing many of the resources I use in my own business, which have enabled me to offer group, team and individual coaching, while also enjoying other business work in the area of speaking, writing, training and performance improvement. Did I also mention I'm the mom of an eight year old as well?

What’s included with a VIP day with Jenn

During this one day program we will develop a customized list of 3 areas of greatest interest to yourself. I will be "peeling back the layers” and opening up my toolkit. 

The day is about supporting you to gain more tools for your toolkit, while getting clearer on the programs and processes you want to create.

You will receive:

  • A copy of both of my books - From One to Many: Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching (Jossey-Bass, 2013) and Effective Group Coaching (Wiley, 2010)
  •   A VIP Day Binder filled with notes, worksheets and templates - delivered by email
  •  A Vision Book Journal
  • More than 33 templates which you can replicate for your business right away
  • A day of individual mentoring and coaching with me in person (summer) or in the winter by skype or phone (typically 830-4 pm ET)
  • Notes from our work together which may include PDF scans, photos and other resources.
  • Extensive resources lists which include web links, audios and video content        
  • Two thirty minute 1-1 coaching calls to be scheduled 2 and 4 weeks after the event

Your Investment is $2997 US or $2997 CDN plus HST. This can be paid in two or three installments.

What you will need to successfully get the most out of our time together -

Blocking off a  full day (8:30 - 4)  without interruptions to take the deep dive into your topic

Clear identification of  your outcomes for the day and completion of pre-work to set you up for success. This typically takes up to one hour and needs to be sent before our day together

Pulling together materials for the day itself - any resources that will support you - plans, Post-Its, flipchart/poster board.

Building in time to your calendar after the day so that it wasn't just a nice day of learning, but an event that fed into focused action

Long distance phone or skype connection. Skype will offer us the advantages of being able to see each other for parts or all of the day.

Scheduling two follow-on coaching calls (30 min each) - typically 2 and 4 weeks after the event to keep the momentum flowing


What you can expect from the day

Our day begins with you setting the focus and success measures of the day. While each day will run somewhat differently based on needs and focus areas, I’ll be "attached at the hip” with you throughout the day. Typically our program will evolve as:


Block one -  Setting the stage, Content, Joint Activity



10:15 - 11:15

Block 2 - Content and Mentoring

11:15 - 11:45



Content, Mentoring, Coaching

12:15 - 12:45


12:45 - 1

Setting up the afternoon

1 - 2 pm


2-3 pm


3-3:15 pm


3:15 - 3:45


3:15 - 4 pm

Action Steps and Closure

 2017 Fall Dates- Toronto (Join me Virtually or In person just north of Toronto!)
Thursday October 26

Thursday November 9
Wednesday November 15
Thursday November 23rd (for those not celebrating Thanksgiving)
Monday November 27
Wednesday December 20
Thursday December 21
Cost: $2997 US or CDN plus HST

Interested? Contact Jennifer by email or phone at (416)996-8326 to see if this service would be a good fit for you and reserve your day with her.